Survey: 60% of advisers to increase business property relief use


Sixty per cent of advisers plan to increase their use of business property relief in the next two years, new research on the tax planning products shows.

A further 17 per cent say their use of BPR will remain the same, while 4 per cent say it will decrease, the industry report by Intelligent Partnership shows.

In the survey, 83 per cent of advisers currently recommend BPR products to their clients.

Neil Cole, director at UBS Wealth Management, who was quoted in the report, says inheritance tax is becoming a more prevalent issue for clients and BPR is a complement to trusts and life insurance.

IHT planning was the most common reason advisers recommended BPR products with 79 per cent listing it among their top three reasons. The next most common reasons were diversification (39 per cent) and growth (23 per cent).

Some advisers (37 per cent) were uncomfortable recommending BPR products to high-net-worth clients and sophisticated investors.

Wealth manager Christopher Green says he recommends BPR for clients older than 70, but suggests EIS products for younger clients.

Kevin Bradley, owner of financial planning firm Elegant Solutions, who was also quoted in the report, says the initial charge of 7 per cent on BPR products was high, but the alternative was 40 per cent lost to tax.