Bill Gross accused of ‘sad obsession’ with Pimco


Pimco lawyers have accused their former star fund manager Bill Gross of harbouring a “sad obsession with attacking his former employer and colleagues” in a filing to a Californian court as part of a pre-trial hearing.

The US asset manager also asked the court to order Gross to hand over emails from a private AOL account, the Wall St Journal reports. Pimco believes Gross discussed his departure with his new employer Janus Capital Group.

Gross quit Pimco, which he founded in 1971, for Janus Capital in 2014, becoming manager for the Janus Global Unconstrained Bond fund.

The lawyers also accused him of anonymously emailing a Bloomberg journalist with details about the remuneration of key members in Pimco’s executive management.

Gross is suing Pimco for “hundreds of millions of dollars” on the grounds he was pushed out of the business. He has argued he is due a $200m bonus.

In April, court filings revealed that Gross did not tell anyone he was leaving Pimco and left a resignation letter in the middle of the night.

In a statement, Gross’s lawyer, Patricia Glaser, says Pimco is attempting to “deflect blame from its litigation misconduct by making off-topic insults and baseless accusations against our client.”

Gross’s lawyers also argued that the sharing of pay information would be protected by the First Amendment and the National Labor Relations Act.

The trial is not due to start until August 2017.