Advisers face huge fines for promoting tax avoidance schemes


Accountants or advisers who assist in tax avoidance schemes could face fines of 100 per cent of the tax that was avoided under proposed Government rules.

According to the BBC, the proposed sanctions include offshore tax havens and it is hoped the suggested measures would identify tax avoidance at the source.

Currently people who advise on tax face little risk of sanction, while their clients are liable for penalties if they lose in court.

Treasury financial secretary Jane Ellison says: “People who peddle tax avoidance schemes deny the country of vital tax revenue and this Government is determined to make sure they pay.

“The vast majority of their schemes don’t work and can land their users in court facing large tax bills and other costs.”

The rules, which also include measures to make it easier to impose penalties when avoidance schemes are beaten, are expected to be published today as part of a Government consultation.