7IM to launch trio of risk-profiled funds with Distribution Technology

risk graph blackboardSeven Investment Management is teaming up with Distribution Technology’s Dynamic Planner to launch three low-cost, passive, risk-profiled Ucits funds.

The 7IM Dynamic Planner Portfolio funds will have an ongoing fund charge of 0.29 per cent and will sit within the Dynamic Planner Risk Targeted Managed range.

The funds will be managed by 7IM’s fund management team, headed up by chief investment officer Chris Darbyshire, and will invest in a range of asset classes such as equities, government and corporate bonds, index-linked gilts, cash and near cash, real estate and certificates of deposit through futures and funds.

Using Distribution Technology’s asset allocation the funds will follow Dynamic Planner’s risk profiles 4, 5 and 6, and will accordingly be named 7IM Dynamic Planner Portfolio 4, 7IM Dynamic Planner Portfolio 5 and 7IM Dynamic Planner Portfolio 6.

Chris Fleming, Dynamic Planner’s director of asset and risk modelling, will sit on the investment committee for the portfolios.

An initial offer period will run from 18 September to 6 October 2017 with shares priced at £1.

7IM chief executive officer Tom Sheridan says: “This launch will offer advisers and their clients the combined expertise of 7IM and Distribution Technology at low cost, using rigorous risk management to the Dynamic Planner risk profiles.

“7IM was a pioneer in providing passive investment solutions to the retail market, using passive and smart passive implementation in funds, models portfolios and discretionary services.

“Distribution Technology is a good fit with us, with a risk management approach which complements our own, and with a tried and tested asset allocation model, advice technology process and fund research that has earned them an enviable following among over 7,000 advisers.”